by Baggypantsrich

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Debut album of Baggypantsrich


released October 31, 2011



all rights reserved


Baggypantsrich Baltimore, Maryland

Baggypantsrich is an inspired singer-songwriter with a flair for glam and an ear for melody. His songs are plaintive rockers with glistening lyrics. His live show merges grace with raw energy.

He is currently giving performances in support of his new album "Lurid" Listen here: baggypantsrich.bandcamp.com/album/lurid
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Track Name: zzz
Will you sleep with me?
Together we can shine
Together we can go inside

(Verse 1)
For seven years
We can live without fear
But there is no escape
Suffering is human’s fate

(Verse 2)
Lost in theory
Never living lively
Writers are depressed
A novel is only an address

Sleeping time
Time for bed lost in time
Dream awake
For goodness sake read Finnegan’s Wake

Lost in time (X4)

Time (X2)

Don’t leave me here alone (repeat)
Track Name: Roses Painted Black
Roses painted black
Alice in wonderland
Oh no (x4)

Texting all through the air
Visual poetry floats in here
Oh no (X4)

Forms fading Cheshire cat
Syd laughs at mad cap laughs
Oh no (X4)

Twinkle little bat
How I wonder where you’re at
Oh no (X4)

Flowers dipped in bleach
Philosophy of speech
My my (X4)
Tears blur vision
Art is my religion
But god is first (X4)

Oh no (repeat)
Track Name: Saving Michael
A. Alone in a forest sitting in a tree
Thinking about life and reality
Cars keep on passing no matter who’s inside
While I’m sitting still, life passing me by, passing me by, catcher in the rye, passing me by, catcher in the rye

Messing up in school I don’t want to go
Stay at home and listen to David Bowie’s "Low"
Getting out of bed is a chore
Cleaning up my room takes so much more

B. Saving Michael (repeat)

C. Moderate solo

B. Saving Michael (repeat)
Track Name: Subduction
Stream into you
Anne Heche flows into the red room
I don’t want to give
What I don’t have

I don’t want you to
Leave me alone unless I tell you to
Why do you kill your voice
Because I’m yours

I want you I need you (repeat)
Track Name: Sad Lament
Walking down memory lane
I’m so sad because it’s all gone
Looking for some lovin’
And it’s all gone
And you look at me with your frown
Cuz’ I’m, I want to believe in something that is real, something that is real

When I was a little boy
My momma’ said that you’ll do something good
But now I know that if you wanna’ achieve goals
You need to try real hard
I’m lazy baby I don’t know why
I need some more direction
And if I don’t I’ll die

Listen to me play my sad guitar!


Ah shi -
Track Name: Danny Steel
I got the world on my mind
Ubiquitous all the time
Everything nothing love infallible
Art commercial Jimmy Fallible
Pop goes the culture the weasels say
Postmodernism smells cliché
So does everything else but you got to be clear if you want to sell

And I just wanna know
What is it that makes two plus two make four?
I find learning to be a bore chore more anymore
Forever more be bliss lost to the winds of Al Gore

Subliminal artistic what is it
If you touch it you will twist it
Aesthetics highest meaning second
Responsibility I reckon
I sacrifice my work to art
Hipster Moses make the Ivory Towers part
So I can start my ascension to Sacred Heart

And even though I can’t articulate outside of my mind
It doesn’t mean that I am out of my mind
Thought provoking is my thought process
So much so that each idea causes me stress

I need to see your face
To remind me of my place
Step away baby don’t come near
Haven’t you heard you can catch the drear
But you and me me alone
Burn your hair watch you moan
Then you run run to me
I love you and you love me
Divine love painted black
Questioning the past is looking back
A pillar gone blew into salt
Adam and Eve claim no fault
Neither do I why do I live
Because of an act two people give
She was not my love affair
Shrew taming lost its heir
Track Name: zzz (revisited)
Lost in time
Time for bed lost in time
Dream awake
For goodness sake read Finnegan’s Wake

Lost in time (X4)

Sleep violence
Fantastic terror in the night
Gridlined mind
Everything begins with white

Lost in time (X4)

Yeah (X2)

Don’t leave me here alone (repeat)

Lost in time (repeat)
Track Name: The Thoughts of Dead People
Baby baby
Lift your lids and see
Screw the pain away
Kiss my sores and my headache

Feathers in your hair
Liners eye don’t care
Bleeding from your parts
The end begins with a start

Why do you ask me that
My Being is mine not that
Lost in translation

I can’t wait to go
Sit with god at his throne
Thinking will be dead
Thoughts molest my head