The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

by Baggypantsrich

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A lovely mixtape by resident glam folk artist BPR


released June 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Baggypantsrich Baltimore, Maryland

Baggypantsrich is an inspired singer-songwriter with a flair for glam and an ear for melody. His songs are plaintive rockers with glistening lyrics. His live show merges grace with raw energy.

He is currently giving performances in support of his new album "Lurid" Listen here:
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Track Name: Girls Rock
(Verse 1)
Girls rock! (they say)
It's good to be alive today.
Angie was her name;
She was not to blame for her evil ways.

The Angel, she said to me,
"We will never ever be free."

(Verse 2)
How long can one cry
Before the eyes, they dry?
Blood dripping on the walls of my mind,
I'm fine in real time.

You are free.
Track Name: Not Much
I thought I knew how to be
in love with somebody.
Then I caught the blues.
Now I see nothing really.

No you don't care.
Neither do I.
Listen to me try -

to sing a song about love
or maybe about nullity.
Praying to a god or a creek.
The more I listen, the less I want to speak.

No you don't care.
Neither do I.
Listen to me try -
Track Name: All of the Christmas Lights
I don't need what you want.
Fuck Christmas and your aunt.
Don't judge me. I hate you. Don't judge me.
I need you.
I am blue.

I walked over to your place.
She was there and a damn disgrace.
I don't care about your religion.
Come on baby. Give me an incision. Give it to me baby on the floor.
I am blue.

Well I walked to you in my four inch heels,
and I bowed down to pray and you could not feel
how long I've grown my hair. It is blonde for you,
and I need you to stare at me, at these, at what I've grown for thee.
And I need to make sure you know what it means.
And I need to know that you know what it means.
And I need for you to touch me.
Track Name: Thigh Cramps
Oh chance! It has been a while since you have come for me.
Oh snow! You have hurt me so in my thigh deep inside.
Love is rug burn.
Dove is [rust].

I see you see where I where you used to be I used to be
you you touched (turnt) me

we knew. who knew?
who knew? who?

Love is rug burn.
Deep inside for me.
Track Name: Saving Michael (Live at Club K)
Alone in a forest sitting in a tree
Thinking about life and reality
Cars keep on passing no matter who’s inside
While I’m sitting still, life passing me by, passing me by, catcher in the rye, passing me by, catcher in the rye

Messing up in school I don’t want to go
Stay at home and listen to David Bowie’s "Low"
Getting out of bed is a chore
Cleaning up my room takes so much more

Saving Michael (repeat)
Track Name: in a tizzy
In a tizzy, he took a big ole' kitchen knife.
In a tizzy, he took 1 or 2 or 3 lives
that day or night. No one can say.
He was anxious for a short while.
Now his mother has him on file.

In a bathroom, he looked all the way down
at a city painted completely brown
that day or night. No one can say.
He was anxious for a short while.
Now the police have him on file.

In a church in the woods by the creek,
he did lurch in drag ready to squeak
normality in a dress sewn by me.
He will never ever come back.
Something did crack.
Track Name: Blonde Ambition
I had blonde ambition because of you that day.
Sinking on the floor in your field of vision, you did pray.

I cannot walk.
Come take my hand.
Blood on sidewalk chalk.
Sex in the holy land.
Track Name: Arthur Rimbaud
Ne me quitte pas ce temps (repeat)

Every day I look for you inside the garden down the creek where you and I, we fell, we fell down next to the low bush inside of you.
I wish I could be where you hide your self inside of me.
I love to watch you watch the stars. Alone with me, you will never be. You will never be alone with me. Low[lone] with me." (sic)