Station North

by Baggypantsrich

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"A modern alternative rock record with a pop-rock face, a punk-rock heart and a poetic soul, “Station North” is an engaging and whimsical reminder that somewhere out there, real art is happening all the time."

-Sean McCauley


released November 1, 2013

Engineered by Mat Leffler-Schulman
Mastered by Alex Saltz at APS Mastering, NYC

All songs recorded at Mobtown Studios

Cover photo by Cheryl Fair



all rights reserved


Baggypantsrich Baltimore, Maryland

Baggypantsrich is an inspired singer-songwriter with a flair for glam and an ear for melody. His songs are plaintive rockers with glistening lyrics. His live show merges grace with raw energy.

He is currently giving performances in support of his new album "Lurid" Listen here:
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Track Name: Hey Girl
(Verse 1)
Hey, hey Girl.
What you been doing in my world?
You haven't seen me.
I brought you flowers from the cemetery.

Where your mother died,
You haven't cried
What you owe me.

Now you are so cold,
But you're not old.
Where is your soul?

(Verse 2)
Hey, hey girl.
What you been doing in your world?
You and your life,
In the gutter with your mother and the knife.


This is a love song
For the sick and the depraved.
And if you're cold-blooded,
then there's no need to shave.

Track Name: Pain
(Verse 1)
Pain is a lovely thing. It makes you laugh. It makes you sing.
It makes you cry. It makes you scream. It makes you die, suicide.
It makes you run. It makes you bleed. It makes you fall. It kills your seed.
It steals a lot. It makes you rot. It takes away all you've got.

I wanna feel your pain. I wanna feel it again and again. X2

(Verse 2)
Watching someone else's pain is ableing our inner Cain.
Omitting a helping hand is omission of a one-night stand.
Standing on a person's face can erase brain matter.
Do you think that people matter?
Do you think that people matter?


(Verse 3)
If I had no more pain, I would have no more to gain.
It gives me drive and keeps me excited and gives me something to think about, and life is so much less boring, and my soul is pouring
out onto the ground. My pain has no sound.


(Verse 4)
When I was 17, I saw a small group of teens.
He took my face and made it scrape. Violence is platonic rape.
He hit me hard vehemently. I swung about; I could not see.
No matter how hard I tried, I could not defend my
Dignity is a lie they teach in schools. There is no pride.
30 people with concern stood there as they watched me burn.
The sun was the only one to watch o'er me.
A fat woman, she asked me. She said:


Cut me. Watch it bleed.
Kick me. Watch it turn green.
New episode on TV.
Now I'm somebody.

Nail me to a car.
Feel the holy scar.
Hit me. Hit me.
Hit me David Bowie.

Hit, hit hit me.
Track Name: My Lonely Heart
My lonely heart is bleeding for you.
My lonely heart is bleeding for you.
If only I knew how you feel,
Then I could still feel.

I remember that night as if it were day.
The moonlight lit the way.
Our bodies shined bright on the floor.
All I'm asking, baby!, is for a little more.

Tell me why you and I can't be
Lost in eternity.
I don't want to be rude.
I don't want to be prude,
But I took a chance with romance.
But now all I do is brood.

My lonely heart is bleeding for you.
My lonely heart is bleeding for you.
If only I knew how you feel,
Then I could still heal.
Track Name: Honey
(Verse 1)
Don't you make a fool out of me.
It's so hot; I can't see.
It's too hot for me
But not too hot for the queen bee.

Give me your honey.
Give me your honey.
Give me your honey.
Ooh baby, you're so sweet, but you stung me.

(Verse 2)
And I was walking down the street
Staring way down at your feet.
Lost all of my pride
but I'm not that guy.



(Verse 3)
And I've been living way too long.
And I can't seem to remove this thorn.
I live like I have lived wrong.
I don't want to be reborn.

And I've been barefoot on a desert path.
I've lived in the mind of Sylvia Plath.
I love how you are so bleak.
But you still dress so damn chic.

Track Name: Into the Wind
(Verse 1)
Don't you want love?
Don't you want to be loved?

No. I don't care.
All I want to do is stare into the wind.

(Verse 2)
Don't you want to start a family?
Don't you want to hold a baby?

No. I don't care.
All I want to do is stare into the wind.

Into the wind.

(Verse 3)
Don't you want to hold the hand of a pretty girl?
Don't you want to feel her fingers as they curl?

No. I don't care.
All I want to do is stare into the wind.


We can't interfere with this one.
He's blind from looking at the sun.
Father says we can't intervene,
So just watch him as he bleeds.

(Verse 4)
Don't you want to be a rock star?
Don't you want to travel far?
Don't you want to be well-read?
Don't you want to be well-fed?
Don't you wanna know what's going on in the Middle East?
Don't you wanna confess your sins to a priest?
Don't you want to make love?
Don't you ever lift your head and look up above?
Don't you want to make peace with those who've made you angry?
Don't you want to jump out of a plane?
Don't you want to be a Plain Jane?

Track Name: Dark Room
Oh, oh

(Verse 1)
Dark room, cloudy night
Blinding projector light
Thump goes the bass
Not a care on his face

7 flights of stairs
Graffiti spikes the air
No one makes a move
While he sits and broods


(Verse 2)
Closet balcony
Tells a million stories
Fog for a mile
Photographer asks for a smile

7 people on a ledge
Never been this close to death
Now it's time to go
But no, his friend wants one last go


(Verse 3)
It's the last dance
And he's lost in a trance
She wears him down
And he wears her out

She is so happy
That he wonders if he could be free
But she already has a love
But that doesn't stop her from moving closer to put her lips on his

Track Name: Oh Ruins!
spent all your time thinking about time
cut off all your hair to show that no one is there
inside your head is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen
and I'm living in a dream and my ego is dead

naked playing guitar in a hole I've fell so far
the shit turns to spring I'm just trainspotting
my life away to play is to pray
but it all goes away too soft to play


if art is just style let's all be kurt vile
violence will sell if it's filmed well
my idol is man ray but the youth of today
care more about cigarettes than john lennon's intellect
fake fake we are so fake
we give less than we take

fake fake I am so fake
I give less than I take
watch the mulatto break
Track Name: Jeremiad
(Verse 1)
You are my sun.
I want to run into the sun
And die in your arms
And die in your arms.

And when it rains,
I see you in the window panes [pain]
with all your charms.
I will die in your arms.
I will die in your arms.

Jeremiah, you are a liar.
Jeremiad me to your love affair with the end.

(Verse 2)
If the sun was green,
It would be a burning tree.
It would swallow us whole.
The burning bush was a black whole sun.

If the see was red,
the fishes had bled.
If the rain was blood,
Cut the sky. Out pours the flood.


(Verse 3)
When it rains, it pours
A red stain on the drawers of the earth.
The sky spreads herself for me,
A little guy who will never be free.
A stargazer gazing at feminity.
Clouds cry, and then she bleeds.

Track Name: You Left Me
(Verse 1)
She didn't look at me with her perfect eyes.
For her I was just another guy.
But I didn't know how to play my card.
All that's left inside of me is a glass shard.

She touched me but didn't feel me.
Now I can't see, blinded by her beauty.
You left me sick. I'm dying. I'm your patient.
You left me crazy losing all my patience.
You left me crying sitting down on the pavement.
You left me. You left me.

(Verse 2)
You look the other way when I look to you.
All of your friends, they say more than you do.
I feel like I'm on display in a freak show.
Is this the first time you've touched an afro?


I can't believe memories of the first time. What a ride!
You shot me down like a Russian spy.
You're gone now baby. Bye Bye Bye. Let me fly.


(Verse 3)
You thought that I was drunk, so I shouldn't care.
The only time I was drunk was when I smelled your hair.
I spent the whole night tracing your face.
Now that I've spent some time; I see your place.

You touched me but didn't feel me.
Now I see I'm blinded by your beauty.
Track Name: À la recherche
Let me tell you what it's like to be lost for an entire life.
To be faded like white paper, in the sun, there is no one with a gun to save me.

She was my beauty muse; I had on my dancing shoes.
But every time - she goes to the other guy. Now she's gone [sic] the story of my love.

Dancing still my ego is killed dancing dead in the dark the wasteland lives in my head.
She was not my love affair. Run my fingers through her hair. I don't know how to feel, and I don't want to peel away the layers of my dirty mind.

I spend my days in a daze looking at all of the ways I could die alone, and still she believes she could love me in my dreams I am the one who makes her come.

Dressing up with her makeup is the only way I can see a woman.
I use her toothbrush. I feel it in my mouth. It gives me a big rush driving south in my bed I'm alone.

She was not my love affair.