Palm Reader

by Baggypantsrich

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"Palm Reader" reveals BPR at his most mystical. His second mixtape offers a great deal of lyrical tenderness and sonic sparkle. The soft ballades tingle with fluttery distortion and aural warmth. His rapport with the cosmos is only possible by his study of the personal.

Cover Photo taken by Dan Hanrahan in a house of ill-repute in Indianapolis, IN

Tori Markham giggles on "The Arts District"


released December 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Baggypantsrich Baltimore, Maryland

Baggypantsrich is an inspired singer-songwriter with a flair for glam and an ear for melody. His songs are plaintive rockers with glistening lyrics. His live show merges grace with raw energy.

He is currently giving performances in support of his new album "Lurid" Listen here:
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Track Name: Dana
Dana, won't you come with me?
Dana, give me some duality.
In a box, I see
Illuminated man & me.

Dana, won't you come for me?
Dana, give me some profanity.
In the shade, I weep.
She's the blade, but I cut deep.

Dana, won't you come on me?
Je suis une nature morte. Je suis tout gris.
Voyageur, exploiteur, égoiste, mais je suis une belle fleur.
Track Name: Pink Film
Game, it's a game.
Shame, it's a shame.
Cuz I was thinking while you were blinking, my flame.
Since I've been sinking, we've both been drinking the same.

Rude, you are so rude.
Brewed love in the bath, you are nude.
But I don't care if you flip your hair in my face.
I'd rather take a vow then bow down to your grace.

Blue movie, blue TV, 9½ weeks.
A pink film restores my health.
Too much wealth, culture leaks.
I can't breathe. Body heat.
Track Name: Lauraville
Laura, Lauraville is the place that never gave me a fill.
Night, Nightwish in the light yellow, graze your fingertips with a bite.
I like to touch that which will never be mine. You will never be mine.

Silt in the yard. Two tomatoes and a pickle stuffed in a jar for you.
I love you. I need you to think that I'm pretty. Believe that I'm pretty.

Say that I'm pretty.
Track Name: Asymetrical Shirt
You're a tough guy. But you're a girl.
I'm the real guy. But the burl keeps me from knitting my quilt.
Baby! Don't let the mesclun wilt!

What's your angle? Who's your team?
I like to spangle! I like to dream.
Who cares? What's in a book? I dare to do what I wanna do know matter who looks. Wilt!

Who cares?
Track Name: Letter to Aesthetic Julien
Maybe i'm a failure
Maybe i'm a girl
Maybe i'm a woman
Maybe i'm a boy
Maybe i'm a lover
Maybe i'm a man
Maybe i'm undercover
Maybe i never ran
Maybe i'm a nazi
Maybe i'm a jew
Maybe i'm a nigger
i'm in love with you
Maybe i am god
Maybe i am fat
Maybe i'm a murderer witha baseball bat

to think
to drink
to sink
lick pink
wink ;)

Maybe i am gay
Maybe i am straight
Maybe i fed my childa bowl of lead paint

death is sex without the mess
i am satan in a one-shoulder dress
i love you
Track Name: Saving Marion Harris
Throw myself into you in a special kind of way.
Let the tears fall where they may into a painting of you.
Don't ask, don't tell. My baby is going to hell.
Track Name: The Arts District
I see so many faces staring at me, wondering who I am and if I am me.
Speech is like a script, and we play the role.
Suspend disbelief behind glass of soul.
The smudge on your lips came from my kiss.
Little paper rips. Come on to the liss. Lisp.

"We are young," they say every ten or so years.
"It's time to make a stand," they say as they drink their beers.
I call it "LCD" like crime or gravity.
No matter how much you plan, you are your parents children.
Track Name: In Need
Sitting alone and I am watching your hair,
Wishing you don't turn around and catch my stare.
And I just passed by, and I just walked in, and I just sat down, and I know you're mine.
Sitting alone and I am watching your hair.

Here we go
Lost control
No more soul

Sitting alone because I forgot to ask
For your number and that is that.
And how can I be so afraid?
Maybe I just cannot get laid?
Walking alone beside the crash.
Track Name: Breakfast on Pluto
I can't believe you would do that to me.
Kiss of death. Lost your breath. And here I am.
And you are spiritually bankrupt(out of money).
But the greenery rains down. Yes, it pours.
But baby, I want you to know I'm still yours.
And here I am all alone.
Track Name: Conversations with a Mermaid

Dancing in the rain looking for the blonde mermaid
with a braid in her hair dreadlocked to mine. Nein. Mine.

Will you love me?