by Baggypantsrich

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Second studio album by Baggypantsrich
An upbeat contrast to his debut "Zebra", BPR shows us his fun side with twelve musical sketches. Sonically, the songs have a grit to them that makes them glow. The brevity of the album is refreshing too.


released February 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Baggypantsrich Baltimore, Maryland

Baggypantsrich is an inspired singer-songwriter with a flair for glam and an ear for melody. His songs are plaintive rockers with glistening lyrics. His live show merges grace with raw energy.

He is currently giving performances in support of his new album "Lurid" Listen here: baggypantsrich.bandcamp.com/album/lurid
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Track Name: Silver Apples
Ixnay on the man on the corner
He says, she says, he wants to bone her

I don’t know, you don’t know, we don’t know
Her ego is dead

I said, you said, let’s get together
You think, I shrink when you kiss a lover
My lips, your face, let’s make a place for me
And you, sniff glue, naked in the sun

I know, you know, she knows, I fly
Track Name: Dead Flowers
I've got those dead flower blues
I went to you with my dancing shoes
but you didn't see me

Get out of the car
I am your north star
I don't want to go too far
I want your mouth

And I'm going south
and it's a little dusty
You're a little rusty
but it's okay because I love you baby
Track Name: Lonely Blue Boy
My name should be trouble
My name should be woe
For trouble and heartache are all that I know
Yeah, Low, Lonely Blue Boy
It is my name.

My life has been empty
My heart has been torn
It must have been raining the night I was born
Yeah, Low, Lonely Blue Boy
It is my name.

Well, they say I'm afraid of tomorrow
They say I don't care about today
Well I don't even know
Why love has never ever come my way

I'm writing this letter to someone unknown
And if you should find it and if you're alone
Yeah, Lonely, Lonely Blue Boy It is my name
Track Name: Elisabeth
Runnin on empty, I can no longer see
Life is a track meet and I've lost my feet

Man you've lost it, the things you need the most
Man you've lost it, the things you need most

I feel like death
Some fries and a Macbeth

If you had a dial telephone
Would you call home?
The sound of a guitar takes me far from your love.
Track Name: David
Hi, I don't have much to say
except baby, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you there
Oh, oh, my little girl, my little girl, oh, Oh

Rebecca, I like you
Even though I haven't met you
I think you're pretty
I think you're nice
But tell me baby, I don't wanna play you too nice

I wanna fuck you
Track Name: Wells of the Past
(Verse 1)
I’m stuck in the present, my presence is a gift; Kanye said that but I’m feeling swift.
Life flashing like a flood light, flash floods flowin' all through my mind.
I’m dashin' each car crashin', clockwork orange pain with a passion.
Fruits of the loom, my brain goes zoom, all of my desires wanna' go kaboom.
And then I saw Madonna in a Venus pose. I bowed to my knees and wrote some prose.
That doesn't mean that it won’t stop, vacillation baby just like hip-hop.

(Verse 2)
On the bus tripping out, ideas posted on the walls. What am I feeling now?
Insane in the membrane, I feel no pain as I streak down the left lane of my right brain, I can’t complain as long as I disdain these feelings of acid rain.
Hate to be Cane killin' my intellect, Orson Welles - bye bye respect.
I’m vexed 'cuz self-expression is hidden in heck.
Flames of judgement jumpin' all around me but it’s all in my heart 'cuz hate’s never found me.
Ya' dig? I got a shovel, I’m seeing double ya pig!

Attention society.
You will die in 0100 hours.
All of your pedantic customs and xenophobic practices will be used against you in the prison that is going to unfold.
No creed, no sex, no race, no nationality will escape the destruction that our heaven will surely lay upon your proletarian heads.
And I will regret nothing and live life in a tantric state of restlessness.

So if you’re lonely,
You know I’m here waitin' for you.