Black & Blonde

by Baggypantsrich

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released June 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Baggypantsrich Baltimore, Maryland

Baggypantsrich is an inspired singer-songwriter with a flair for glam and an ear for melody. His songs are plaintive rockers with glistening lyrics. His live show merges grace with raw energy.

He is currently giving performances in support of his new album "Lurid" Listen here:
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Track Name: Black & Blonde
Your hair is black & blonde.
You know how to turn me on.
You are so soft & wet.
You are my joan jett.
You always catch me by surprise.
I like to look in your eyes.
Temptation causes Sinsation.

We were on a forested trail
on the run from a super-jail.
Took a rest-stop at a tent.
Didn't know I could pitch a tent.
All I talked about was your hair
and how it is genetically rare.
For a moment you thought, "is he serious?"
For a moment you thought, "is he dumb?"
Prince turned on Delirious.
And I remembered how to make you cum.

Your hair is black & blonde.
Track Name: Saint Michel
Drink too much. Drink enough to have a good time.
Linking up with someone to touch. Be my chime.
Wasting you wasting me is what I need.
Loving you loving me is my plea.

We did feed on corporal seed for a night.
Painting you with painted leaves in the light.
Hearts of fire in the choir of your love.
It's your voice - it's your choice to sing to me.

No career, no more beer, just a walk.
Walk me home. Get some dome. Sidewalk chalk
on my face. Change my race to be with you.
I don't care. I'll cut my hair to find what's true.

A month too soon. A month too late to get back home.
Rushin' back. Rush roulette. Russian tome.
I've given up all my words to be with you.
I've given up a second tongue cuz' nothing's new.

(Tu m'exclus.)

Non! Écoute-moi! Tu ne piges pas.
Je te parle et tu t'en fous de moi.
Au soleil, je lève les bras pour lui dire
que je suis tout prête à mourir.
Oui, ce n'est que moi qui dis, tout bas,
"À bas la superficie qui te rend aveugle."
J'ai le morale au plus bas.
Je pense en blah-blah.
C'est amour vache qui meugle.
Track Name: French Redneck
I'm a star.
I burn.
I shine.
I'm a star.
Track Name: Carnet Noir
Wrap your legs around my throat.
Tell me when to stop or go.
Tell me what time it is.
Take a marker from your bag, draw a symbol on a flag.
Kiss my arm through my coat.

Green shadow on your eyes.
Cow is pissing from the skies.
Jump the turnstile, learn to be free.
She bleeds water, I bleed wine.
Pixelated grape-fruit vine.
Your partner is too close in age.
Beads in trees, whores in air.
Lucifer has real good hair.
Stigmata paints notes on the page of my skin.

Track Name: Handstand
Shave the side of your hair please for me.
Knave in tights, I bought you tights with holes in the middle for me.

For me. 1 - 2 Lips on me, brie.

Speed up browsing by disabling add-ons.
Weed in the water, living out daughter, places where I damned it for me.

For me. 1 - 2 Lips on me, brie.

What's the point of talking to people, if they don't wanna talk again?

Wet your bed during a snowstorm when I was nineteen.
Birds of paradise kiss me twice with a hummingbird.

For me. 1 - 2 Lips on me, brie.
Track Name: '71
Whisper sweetly to me.
The lisper discreetly drank some tea.

I know. You know. He know. She know. They know.

Tousle your hair on the floor.
Squint at me you dirty whore.

I know you know he know she know they know

Tentative gaze
Devilish grin

Track Name: The Sound of 10,000 Love Affairs
Run. Be Free. Run. Run To Me.
Hand To Hand Lift. Lift Me Up To The Sun.
Track Name: Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
In a den of iniquity, Marine Le Pen talkin' bout equity.
And her voice is so soft. A Rolls-Royce, blonde Anne Bancroft.

They like to wave a blue hand. Red and green lights light the porch; my laughter is canned man. Feather red carpet for me. Yellow lantern, red wall sea.

Roll back the stone and enter the tomb. I've got a floral delivery for the new womb. It's been an hour or maybe two since the memory started fading from view.
Track Name: Sexy-Boy
Sexy-boy. Post-love. Sexy-boy. Post-fuck.

I know someone. She is my dad.
When I get home. She is real bad.
That's when she starts to drink.
That's when I start to think
We are more than we are fighting for.

In you, I found a drum.
Beat me to death, sucking your thumb.
That's when I start to drink.
That's when I start to think.
We are more than we are fighting for.
Track Name: 7
I would've loved to love your man.
I'm more than just a fan.

I would've loved to learn to cry.
Why does it take so long to die?

I would've loved to learn to speak.
My gestures are so meek.

I would've love to make a home.
I have nowhere left to roam.

I wish I had more time
To tell my Momma I loved her.

I wish I was alone.
I wish I was with you.

I wish I didn't think.
I just wanna live.